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The Myth of Women's Masochism

Long considered a classic, known for helping women stop blaming themselves and leave an abusive partner. Now available in book form or electronically, both at iUniverse.com.

Suddenly even more relevant, in light of the discussion about domestic abuse/dating violence victim Rihanna, who was assaulted by her boyfriend Chris Brown.

Five stars out of five on Amazon.com.
Reviewer Charlotte Kingsley wrote: "This book will change your life. ... badly needed... important and life-changing. Caplan makes the case with tremendous clarity and compelling stories that women's unhappiness gets blamed on their (actually non-existent) masochism... Over the many years since this classic was published, I have bought the books in quantity and sent them to friends and family. It's remarkable how many of them have contacted me later to tell me that they read the book and then were able to leave an abusive relationship or a horrendous job situation. If people would read this book and learn from it, it would revolutionize the ways women, men, and therapists think about what makes women's lives difficult and what could be done about it. Every word Caplan writes rings true and is vivid and clear."